Venetian Causeway Bridge Rehabilitation No. 874459
Miami, FL

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Venetian Causeway Bridge Rehabilitation No. 874459

Client: Miami-Dade County
Location: Miami, Florida
Construction: 2015 – 2016

The work included all design and construction services necessary to rehabilitate the westernmost portion of Bridge No. 874459/Venetian Causeway (Bridge) in Miami-Dade County by removing and disposing, in an artificial reef, approximately 730’-9” of the bridge’s westernmost superstructure and substructure including the first abutment, existing bulkhead, and the expansion joint at the end of the cantilevered beams, and replacing with a new complete bridge superstructure, substructure, approach roadway, and lighting meeting the requirements of the contract documents.

3,325 CY of Structural Concrete
2,920 LF of Precast Arch Concrete Beams
1,600 LF of 54” Diameter Drilled Shafts
80 LF Sheetpile Bulkhead Wall
Electrical, Street Lighting