Heavy Foundations

All structures require solid foundations. The GLF team has some of the most experienced foundation construction personnel in the business. GLF has constructed numerous mass concrete foundations for large bridges and bascule structures.

Construction of foundations in deep waters, ocean tides, large temperature differentials and swift currents is the norm for GLF personnel.

Our specialties include caissons, deep cell cofferdams, drilled shafts, concrete and steel piles, as well as mass concrete footings and piers. Other foundations include steel sheet pile installations with tieback systems and steel and concrete cylinder piles.

At GLF, we look forward to constructing foundations out of the ordinary. We have value-engineered foundations on several projects saving the clients both time and money during the construction process. GLF can extend to our clients a high level of confidence that projects will be completed on time and within budget, using the most effective methods in the business.