Design / Build North Quay Port Reconstruction No. GG-MEF/APN/REC-01, Port au Prince, Haiti

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Client: National Port Authority (APN)
Location: Port au Principe, Republic of Haiti
Construction: 2014 – 2016

The project consists of design and reconstruction of the North Quay at Port-au- Prince, Haiti.
A new quay 410 m long x 30 m wide was constructed along with an adjacent 410 m long x 20 m wide stacking yard, and a 30 m x 30 m roll-on roll-off ramp. In addition, a 100 m wide x 410 m long dredge cut was made to elevation –11.5 in front of the new quay.

The job consisted of driving 1.06 m diameter piling up to 46 m long which supports cast-in place
concrete caps, precast deck panels, and a cast-in-place concrete deck. The new quay is fully equipped with state-of-the- art marine berthing equipment including fenders, bollards, and access ladders. The entire area underneath the quay, stacking yard, and roll-on roll-off ramp has undergone extensive sole improvements in order to withstand any future seismic events. The quay has been designed and constructed to support ship loading and unloading equipment and to facilitate the use of a track mounted ship unloader.